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Pathwise offer a professional block paving cleaning and sealing service for homeowners and commercial customers throughout the UK

Weed Inhibitors / Weed treatment

With prevailing damp conditions in the UK weeds, moss, algae and various lichens quickly become established on the surface of porous block paving, sandstone, patio slabs and natural stone paving.

Prior to application of Crystal Seal paving sealers that greatly inhibit surface growth, it is important the paved surface and joints are free from weeds and other contaminants.

If you plan to pressure wash your patio or driveway, a pre-treatment with weed killer or moss remover will make the cleaning process far easier and more effective.

Crystal Seal supply specialist weed treatment products and weed inhibitors specifically for block paving that will stabilise and harden the sanded joints making them resistant to growth in the joints.

For many of our customers the growth of weeds and subsequently moss and algae growth on block paving in particular is the single most detrimental aspect in the overall appearance of their home.

The wind-blown seeds that soon bed themselves into the joints between block pavers have little regard for that brand new expensive installation or one that continually has to undergo many years of maintenance to ensure the ingress of "green" growth is kept to a minimum.

With regular use of a weed killer these invasive plants can be kept under control, however a more permanent solution is now available. With a pre-application of a proprietary weed killer followed by a through pressure clean we recommend the application of our jointing compound will, when correctly applied, set the sand solid and add a significant level of protection to the surface of the blocks to make it stain and oil resistant.

Pathwise can clean, restore and seal all many types of driveway surfaces as listed below:-

  • Block paving
  • Pattern imprinted concrete
  • Tarmac & Asphalt
  • Natural stone
  • Paving slabs
  • All concrete surfaces
  • Crazy paving & Yorkshire Stone

If you require a local professional to clean and seal your driveway we can help, For a FREE no obligation quote to clean and seal a Driveway or Patio, call 01633 740 625 or complete an Online Enquiry Form

For a FREE no obligation quote to clean and seal a Driveway or Patio, call 01633 740 625 or complete an Online Enquiry Form

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