Crystal Seal Block Paving and Concrete Sealer

Natural Looking Concrete Paver Sealer from - Crystal Seal

Protect and maintain the natural aspect of your pavers with Crystal Seal Natural Look Concrete Paver Sealer.

A concrete sealant for pavers with delicate sparkles! It protects surfaces while preserving the natural appearance of pavers and giving them a satin finish.

If you hire a contractor, make sure that they use this top-performing paver sealant - Natural Look Concrete Paver Sealer from Crystal Seal.

The entire range of Crystal Seal products are at the front in terms of technology and are continually being case tested and quality checked for performance, allowing for greater feedback and ensuring that the products we put in our cans is the best you can put on your surfaces.

If you want the best sealers for any application, then Crystal Seal Products are the way forward.

Crystal Seal Ultra-Seal is a high durability, polyurethane based coating, with joint stabilising properties. Designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Crystal Seal Pro-Seal is an effective Acrylic based Block Paving and Concrete Sealer for domestic and light commercial use.

Crystal Seal Eco-Seal is the environmentally friendly alternative to Crystal Seal Pro-Seal using a water based polyurathane solution. Ideal for use in sensitive areas.

This fantastic concrete sealer will provide your pavers with a natural protected appearance. The product is a transparent emulsion - specially designed to protect pavers, paving stones and slabs. It is ideal for protecting a wide range of outdoor areas, including driveways, patios, walkways and other pavements.

Crystal Seal Block Paving and Concrete Sealer

Main benefits of using Natural Look Concrete Paver Sealer

  • Protects porous surfaces by forming a thick film with a satin finish.
  • Resistant to wear; weather assaults (freeze-thaw cycles, sun and rain) and calcium.
  • Easy to apply, this paver sealant provides a protective shield, making cleaning easier.
  • Slows down the penetration of oil, grease (i.e. barbecue areas) and dirt.
  • Water-based and containing very little solvent, this acrylic sealer for pavers is easy to apply in a single layer - it is environmentally friendly and emits very little odours.
  • Protects - against surface wear and erosion.
  • Preserves - the natural colours of each surface.
  • Prevents - the formation of moss, lichen and weed growth.
  • Shines - to a subtle lustre.
  • Seals - the surface against water penetration.
  • Stabilizes - the sanded joints in block paving to prevent weed growth.

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