To Seal or Not to Seal Your Paving | Overview

Like any product, pavers will last substantially longer if they are taken care of. While block paving are relatively low maintenance, there are steps that one can take to insure that they have a long life and retain their beauty.

On of the ways to protect your pavers is by putting on a sealer. A paving sealer will help protect as well as assist in keeping them clean and extending their beauty for many years. An easy way to think of paver sealer is to think of it as a type of protective coating – essentially an extra layer of protection. Therefore, if the paver become marred with oil or grease it is much easier to clean. As always, the paver can simply be popped out and replaced if the stain cannot be removed.

In addition to the protective coating that sealers add to pavers, they enhance the look of a new paver driveway or walkway. Sealers give pavers a clear gloss type finish which also serves to enhance the natural colours of the pavers while at the same time creating a barrier of protection. While some homeowners may not see immediate value in sealing pavers, a sealer will increase the lifespan of your pavers and add to the overall beauty and colour intensity of each paver.

Film Formed Sealers

With paver sealers, there are two main types of sealers: Film Formers and Penetrants. Film Formers create a glossy type finish on your pavers and protect your pavers by blocking water and other materials from affecting the integrity of the paver. Film Formers are often thought to enhance the colour of the paver and prolong the “new paver look”.

Penetrant Sealers

The second type of sealer that is used in paver applications is known as “Penetrants”. Penetrants are a type of sealer that physically penetrates into the paver itself (approximately 1 to 4 mm deep). This type of sealer repels water and will help the paver resist against material that could stain. In addition, Penetrants will extend the life and beauty of your pavers as well as increase their durability.

So at this point you are probably thinking, “Sealing my pavers sounds like a pretty good idea, but can sealers be used on all types of pavers?” To which we would say, excellent question! Sealers can be applied to pretty much any type of surface material. This even includes concrete, granite, slate, clay, natural stone, stamped and imprinted concrete and block pavers. Sealers can be applied anywhere these materials are present – and you should. It doesn’t matter if you have a balcony that doesn’t see a whole lot of traffic – it should still be sealed!

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