Aqua Grid Modular Paving System

Grid Pave is for gravel paving.
Aqua Pave is for grass paving



AquaGrid 50 and AquaGrid 75mm

AquaGrid is a modular paving system for the capture and direct infiltration of rainfall and stormwater, either into the underlying ground, or into an underground attenuation structure.

Manufactured from recycled high density polyethylene, it can be filled with gravel, soil or grass, and is a suitable alternative to hard, impermeable surfacing.

AquaGrid is suitable for car parks, access roads, reinforcement of verges, and for landscaped and recreational areas. Available in 50 and 75mm depths, both products are suitable for heavy loadings, however AquaGrid 75 should be used when higher frequency heavy loading is required.

It also allows for higher quality grass growth, as the extra depth provides more root protection.

Aqua Grid systems can be used in conjunction with Wavins AquaCell® stormwater managment systems - AquaCell Lite, AquaCell Core and AquaCell Plus.

Stabilized Gravel and Turf Surfaces

Offering Affordable Green Solutions for the Homeowner or Commercial Applications

Aqua Grid offers permeable, green solutions for stabilized gravel driveways, turf reinforcement (grass driveways, grass parking lots as well as slope stabilization), decorative landscaping and durable composite pavers.

The core of our product line is a proven system of honeycomb celled polypropylene panels that interconnect as a stabilizing base for access roads, parking lots, pathways, or landscaped parks and gardens. The underside incorporates a durable geotextile which allows water to drain easily and prevents weed growth.

If used properly, porous systems, such as ours, can facilitate bio-degradation of the oils from cars and trucks, help rainwater infiltrate soil, decrease urban heat island effect, replenish groundwater, allow tree roots to breathe, and reduce total runoff, including the magnitude and frequency of flash flooding. Storm water, particularly urban runoff and snow melt, is the wastewater of the 21st century. Making a difference one lot at a time!


A reinforced grass (turf stabilizing) system that allows you to park and drive on grass without killing it.

Aqua Grid Turf Stabilizer is a green choice for low-impact parking. A beautiful, sustainable and economical solution to manage storm water and reduce heat island effects in public places, parking and traffic areas. Parking lots, access roads, and driveways installed with Aqua Grid are stabilized so turf can grow, with no ruts or sinking, and all the beauty and benefits of a natural, green surface.

Aqua Grid is environmentally friendly in design, function and material. Many plastic grass grids on the market lack the strength necessary to last and absorb high levels of traffic; not so with our honeycomb design. This product provides amazing stability, grass protection and a sustainable drainage model as well as providing the visual and natural effect of a grass paver. Using our recommended structural soil mix you will NOT compact the soil in our grids.


We do not limit use to only 5 passes a day!

Aqua Grid is a proprietary interlocking design with manageable panel sizes that makes for easy installation. They are easily trimmed to work around curved border areas. Applications are ideal for use in hardscapes or landscapes where you need the porosity and beauty of natural grass to support all types of traffic


50mm Residential parking or fire access lanes where sporadic but heavy use is anticipated

Daily use for large vehicular traffic or for areas where additional drainage features are required - note the lateral drainage capability of each cell. Ideal for green parking lots

70 mm Our heaviest duty panel type. This one is ideal for horse paddock (equestrian) use as it does NOT contain a geotextile fabric. For vehicular traffic, this panel can take the largest loaded commercial vehicles on a daily use basis. Also available in black (100% recycled plastic) with geotextile attached. *these numbers represent the width and depth in millimetres of an each honeycomb-shaped cell

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