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Permeable Paving a Gravel Driveway

Green driveways in gravel!

If you don't use a grid system when you use gravel - you end up with a gravel driveway that will compact. That means the water won't drain properly - and a lot of towns and communities won't allow them unless you use Grid Pave. The grid pave basically keeps your driveway looking neat and clean - and importantly (especially for the environment) - it keeps it permeable!

The Grid Pave works so well - it spreads out the weight of the tyres - and stops the gravel from compacting. This means the gravel stays in place - and it eliminates the potholes too. Although gravel isn't really a "renewable" resource - it is great for winter conditions. It gives you a lot of traction, so you won't slip.

Snow Snow Snow!

The biggest concern in the north has to do with snowplowing. Well, the Grid Pave (like the 40mm or 50mm) is fantastic - because it keeps the gravel level. And that makes it easier to snow-blow. For commercial plows - there are little rollers that lift up the blade - and stop the gravel from getting scraped off. Unlike asphalt - you don't have to worry if there is just an inch or two of snow. Most people with gravel driveways don't bother at all. The reason you have to shovel so much snow off asphalt is because it gets slippery. Plus, you don't need to put down as much salt - the surface keeps the traction.

Would you consider building a grass or gravel driveway?

Go Green! Building an Environmental Driveway

When I think of old gravel driveways, I used to think of potholes, ruts and mud, but now there's an easy Green solution for driveways! Before Grid Pave / Aqua Pave was invented if you parked your car on grass it meant you would soon have a muddy mess. Now there's a simple way to fix up mud issues and park your car on a green lawn - without damaging the look.

Imagine a place where those big black parking lots were gone - and you park on grass. Green parking lots, green driveways! GridPave/ Aqua Pave is a fantastic new product that allows grass to grow - and lets you park on it! Because it supports and spreads out the weight of your car - there are no more ruts and the water flows into the ground. This virtually eliminates mud... and it can be used with gravel too. There are many examples of this permeable paving grid that create green parking lots, gravel driveways, and even horse paddocks!

There are many new products available that can directly impact the environment - in a good way - and products like Grid Pave by Pottwise is one such an invention. In the world where parking lots and driveways are a standard feature - there are a lot of new innovations like the Grid Pave called permeable paving. Yes, there is an asphalt alternative! Cement will crack and why not look at some green, drivable product that will last for decades?

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