Grid Pave is for gravel paving.
Aqua Pave is for grass paving

How Grid Pave is manufactured

First Step in highest-quality plastic recycling, receiving the waste plastics.

  1. Post-consumer plastics initial processing.
  2. Post-washing and cleaning.
  3. Processing collected recycled plastic.
  4. Washing post-consumer plastics for recycling-refinement process.
  5. Washed and dried plastics, before refinement process.
  6. Close-up cleaned + washed + agglomerated plastic.
  7. Grading agglomerated plastics.
  8. Feeding agglomerates into the hopper bin feed chute.
  9. The entire process - all in one hand.
  10. Refining the washed + cleaned waste plastic.
  11. Retranslating the refined recycled plastics.
  12. Close-up view of the plastics coming off the washing line, before drying.
  13. View of one of the Grid Pave production lines.
  14. Finished produced Grid Pave from the injection moulding line stacked.
  15. Reverse overhead view of injection moulding line.
  16. Reverse overhead camera shot of one injection moulding production line.
  17. Smaller production injection machinery line.
  18. Production workers running some of the smaller injection moulding machinery.
  19. Big Bertha [state of the art injection moulding machine custom manufactured to our specifications].
  20. Feeding refined + purified plastic into the moulders hopper for production.
  21. Production worker handling the newly manufactured GRID PAVE®.
  22. Close-up view, injection tool [mould] used to produce GRID PAVE®.
  23. Moulded GRID PAVE® porous paver elements hot off the press.
  24. Close-up view of the GRID PAVE® elements during ejection from the tool.
  25. Second pre-ejection view of the GRID PAVE® permeable paver elements.
  26. Outside view of the GRID PAVE® production plant, with the electrical power generating wind turbines overhead.

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