Pathwise Resin Bonded Permable Paving | FAQ

What colour is Resin Pave®?

Resin Pave's clear-drying resin is mixed with a coloured aggregate of your choice, which gives the resulting pavement it's final shade. Gold and grey tones are the most common; other colours are possible, depending on the availability of appropriate, resin-compatible aggregates.

Resin Pave's® natural look is great, but how does it hold up?

Resin Pave offers the best of both worlds, combining the natural elegance of nature itself with a flexible, non-permeable surface. While lifespan will vary depending on the amount and type of traffic, Resin Pave paths and driveways installed ten years ago are showing little significant signs of wear. With proper site preparation, installation and finishing, Resin Pave is extremely durable.

Is Resin Pave® expensive?

Resin Pave is consistently less expensive than concrete, and may be more comparable to asphalt, depending on the size and layout of the project.

Can weeds grow through Resin Pave®?

We have found that placing Resin Pave over your properly prepared base application makes cracking virtually non existent. As a result, weeds should not grow through Resin Pave

Is Resin Pave® the best product?

We think so. Resin Pave has many advantages over other paving products, which are typically sprayed on as a surface coat, and lack the durability of a blended product. Resin Pave also has a proven track record for consistent quality, lifespan, and environmental advantages.

Can Resin Pave® be mixed on our site?

Absolutely. Resin Pave can be delivered ready to install, or can be mixed onsite to meet any installation challenges.

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