Pathwise Resin Bonded Permable Paving | Overview

Pathwise resin bonded driveways are ideal for both cars and pedestrians, Combining beautiful looks with a permeable surface and low maintenance requirements, Pathwise designer driveway will deliver many years of outstanding performance.

5 Year Guarantee

We have formulated and installed Pathwise Resin Bonded Paving on a wide range of permeable driveways across the UK, drawn from the wide range of colours and texture options which are available to complement or contrast with adjacent materials. Pathwise also gives you the power to create your own bespoke blends for a truly unique driveway, As with all Pathwise installations, each project is fully backed by our comprehensive 5 year guarantee, providing complete assurance and peace of mind.

The Pathwise Resin Bonded Paving system uses a coloured resin applied to Concrete, Tarmac, Wood or Metal to hold an aggregate. In appearance it is like a loose aggregate but without the problems of shifting stone. It’s very durable. As well as paths and drives this system can provide a friction finish for disabled ramps.

Resin Materials Durability

The Pathwise Resin Bonded Permable Paving finish is one of great natural beauty due to the appearance of the glints given off by the angular flints and stones chosen, without the age old problems associated with loose chipping or pea gravel driveways.

The stability of the resin bonded surface is also second to none in that it has excellent properties for withstanding damage normally caused by oil or petrol spills, chemical or acid erosion, and unlike its rather bland and long in the tooth predecessor tarmac, it is resilient to adverse weather changes and so does not suffer from heat sag or frost cracking.

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